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Uploads in ChinaShips

Dec 30 2006

Some interesting images uploaded: former nuclear ship OTTO HAHN as Hua Kang He seen at Hongkong 19 Oct 1991 and a converted Bulker nowaday as Containership (Xian Xia Ling as Xiang Kang). Many thanks to the photographer Markus Berger !

New photos

Dec 20 2006

Photos from Jakarta and Surabaya taken on board MV 'Dobonsolo' are to be uploaded


Dec 1 2006

Oldies moored like a pearl string on Saigon river. The pics will be uploaded end of month.

no uploads

Nov 24 2006

At the moment I try to get some shipphotos at Singapore. A grey heaven and some rainshowers are not the best conditions, but there was a highlight: a Northkorean SD 14 was to be seen.


Nov 11 2006

actual Database uploaded