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Jan 11 2007

a series of Vietnamese Ships seen at Saigon and on Saigon River during my stay Nov/Dec 2006 have been uploaded in ChinaShips


Jan 3 2007

New uploads in ChinaShips Division with some interesting Oldies.
Many thanks to the supporters Karl H. Struve, Markus Berger and Steffen Wiedner for sharing their pics with us.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Dec 31 2006

Happy New Year to all my guests and friends

Uploads in ChinaShips

Dec 30 2006

Some interesting images uploaded: former nuclear ship OTTO HAHN as Hua Kang He seen at Hongkong 19 Oct 1991 and a converted Bulker nowaday as Containership (Xian Xia Ling as Xiang Kang). Many thanks to the photographer Markus Berger !

New photos

Dec 20 2006

Photos from Jakarta and Surabaya taken on board MV 'Dobonsolo' are to be uploaded