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New photos

Aug 2 2007

Friendly gifts uploaded.
Many thanks to the authors R. Mienack, A & H. Wiedner, Loop101, Louis Almekinders, Ton Grootenboer, Rogério Cordeiro
and last not least Marcelo Vieira.

Shanghai photos

Jul 17 2007

Again Shanghai photos taken by Gerolf Drebes uploaded. Also two pics by Rogério Cordeiro and one by Andreas Schlatterer. Many thanks for sharing with us.


Jul 7 2007

DataBase was updated this morning.


Jun 15 2007

Some different types of ships uploaded today.
Many thanks to the senders John Sins and Ton Grootenboer.

Actual at Shanghai

May 25 2007

Steffen Wiedner's comrade, H. Wolfmeir, took a lot of pics along the Huangpu River during a very short break at Shanghai. Many thanks to the couple of ship enthusiasts.