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GDR Reefers

May 21 2007

Many thanks to Karl H. Struve for sharing GDR reefer photos with us.


May 20 2007

Reefers with derricks uploaded

Ships on Huangpu River

May 15 2007

A great series of ships calling Shanghai uploaded. Photos were taken by Wang, better known as Loop101. Many Thanks

Shanghai photos

May 2 2007

Steffen Wiedner brought a couple of photos from Shanghai, many thanks!

Pelabuhan Paotere

Mar 23 2007

Pelabuhan Paotere is the name of the old port of Makassar/Sulawesi, former Ujung Padang, where only Makassar Schooners or Bugis are to be seen. Some pics of the busy port and the life around are installed in the new gallery.